ABA hand tram

Visit Crow Creek Mine and hike Winner Creek Trail on this historic gold panning and rainforest hiking excursion. We transport you via 4×4 van up winding and scenic Crow Creek Road while looking for bears and moose foraging in the underbrush. Start your hiking adventure by touring the historic turn of the century buildings and serene setting of Crow Creek Gold Mine. A short hike brings us to the placer gold mines of Crow Creek for an introduction to prospecting and panning for guaranteed gold.  Treasure your golden flakes in a glass vial to show off your new found riches.

Naturalist guides leads you on a one way 3.5 mile hike along the Iditarod Trail and Winner Creek Trail.  Along the way see how gold miners transformed the landscape hydro mining for gold. The cable hand tram crossing Glacier Creek is a highlight of the adventure as you pull yourself across Glacier Creek Gorge.  Rainforests surround the mossy landscape as you pass over Winner Creek Gorge and travel along the gravel and boardwalk trail to the Hotel Alyeska while learning all about the natural surroundings.

Winner Creek Hike  ~  Goldpanning, Hand Tram & Hiking  ~  $109 adult  $99 children 6-12  ~  8:30 AM,  12:30 PM,  5:30 PM