Snowmobile Rentals

Alaska Backcountry Access and Alaska Snowmobile Rentals are proud to offer Ski-Doo and Arctic Cat snowmachine rentals in Southcentral Alaska.  Expeditions and tours support our fleet of machines allowing the only 4 stroke snowmobile rentals in Alaska.  Long track and wide track snowmobiles describes the mostly 16.5 inch to 20 inch wide/long track powder and utility models with pintle style hitches

Otter Pro Large 85″ L x 44″ W x 17″ H  tow sleds with custom hitches and tandem capability support hauling your backcountry hunting trophy’s and gearSled Dog mushing expeditions started our snowmobile operation with Alaskan huskies supporting it today, it is all about the dogs.  Iditarod plans should be made a year in advance, we outfit and guide the whole Iditarod Trail and mid-distance races like the Copper 300, Northern Lights 300 and more.  

All-day 24 hour snowmobile rentals jump start your ride with pick-up and drop-off between 6 and 9 PM

 Text message us with your plan at 907 783-3600 for availability then select Book Now to make an advance Xola reservation.  No extra charge for Christmas, New Years, Iditarod, Iron Dog, Arctic Man, Tailgate and other Alaskan winter events.  

Ski-Doo Expedition LE

Expedition LE

A touring-utility vehicle with premium features for off-trail explorations and on-trail cruises.

RUGGED AND CAPABLE     This base architecture and design sets the standard for light weight, durability and handling. Flexible riding position enables comfort sitting and standing. Driver can stretch their legs due to forward foot position. Cab and bottom pan shapes are optimized for flotation and snow flow. Styling is rugged and dynamic

MID-POWER, FULL-FEATURES     Industry leading fuel economy and extremely low maintenance. In-line EFI four-stroke twin with 60 hp. Includes Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC) throttle-by-wire technology with shift-on-the-fly driving modes (Sport, Standard, ECO), Learning Key feature and optional finger throttle operation.

SPORT-UTILITY VERSATILITY     The sport-utility suspension. Refined ride both on trail and on top of powder. Articulated rail to maximize deep snow traction in reverse or locked out when towing.

90 HP four stroke expedition and utility snowmobile with 154″ long 20″ wide 1.25″ lug track

Call or Text 907 783-3600 for booking details.

All-Day 24 hr Expedition LE rental 

First day – $325 

Two to Ten days – $293

Eleven to Nineteen – $260

Twenty to Twenty Eight  – $228

Twenty Nine on – $195


Ski-Doo Summit SP

Summit 4x6 web

Single-rider Snowmobile Rental: 2015 Ski Doo Summit 600HO e-Tec 146″

More fun with less effort. The ability to go places you never thought. Carving lines through trees your buddies have second thoughts about. It’s all yours when you reach for a 2015 Summit SP snowmobile. The direct-injected two-stroke delivers unsurpassed oil and fuel economy, an easy start and virtually no smoke or smell – especially at start and idle. No wonder it’s the best-selling 600cc engine in snowmobiling.

120 HP off-trail powder snomachine with 146″ x 16″ x 2.5″ lug PowderMax 2 track



All-Day 24 hr Summit SP rental from Anchorage or Girdwood:

First day – $295 

Two to Ten days – $266

Eleven to Nineteen – $236

Twenty to Twenty Eight  – $207

Twenty Nine on – $177

 Arctic Cat Bearcat XT 


Twin-rider Snowmobile Rental: 2014 Bearcat XT

Versatility and simplicity are the hallmarks of the 2014 Arctic Cat Bearcat 570 XT. It has a fan-cooled engine rated at about 60 hp, a large 17-gallon fuel tank and articulating rear suspension for improved maneuverability — especially when driving in reverse. An extra-wide track keeps the snowmobile afloat and tall lugs dig deep when riding off the beaten path.  The heavy duty pintle hitch tows our optional tow sleds ($20/day) .  

All-Day Rates:

First day – $275 

Two to Ten days – $248

Eleven to Nineteen – $220

Twenty to Twenty Eight  – $193

Twenty Nine on – $165




Polaris Shift RMK and Dragon

600 RMK

Single-rider Snowmobile Rental: Polaris 600 Shift RMK

Lightweight and powerful RMK built to boondock!

120 HP deep snow/trail sled, 144-inch track

600 Dragon

Single-rider Snowmobile Rental: Polaris 600 Dragon

Mogul taming trail sled equipped with Walker Evans shocks.

120 HP trail/off-trail sled, 121-inch track

All-Day Rates:

First day – $275 

Two to Ten days – $248

Eleven to Nineteen – $220

Twenty to Twenty Eight  – $193

Twenty Nine on – $165



Location of snowmobile rentals follow the winter season and snow conditions.  Alaska’s backcountry is our home and Girdwood is the main base of operation with season locations in Girdwood, Portage, Eureka, Big Lake and Anchorage.  

December Christmas and New Years week find us at EurekaLodge (closed tuesdays) mile 128 Glenn Highway Alaska Route 1.  Eureka Lodge is our go to early and late season destination in the North Chugach Mountains in the town of Eureka Roadhouse.  Heading 128 miles north of Anchorage on the Glenn Highway past Matanuska Glacier allows for the best winter 2018 riding conditions with already 4 feet of snow there.

Turnagain Pass, Spencer Glacier and most of the Chugach National Forest south of Anchorage are currently 12/2017 closed to snowmobiling due to low snow. Check here for latest conditions:

Gear rental add-ons include boots/bibs/jackets at $25/day, tow sleds at $20-$30 /day and 2 place trailers at $30/day;  snowmobile damage insurance with $3000 deductible is optional for $35/day.  Participant information, Waiver of Liability and $1000 credit authorization required for snowmachine rentals, snow cross helmet is included, bring your goggles and facemask.

ABA Snowmobile Rentals 2018

907 783-3600 call or text  Winter Gear Rental
Snowmobile Rental 24 hrs Pick up drop off Age 2-10 Days 11-19 Days 20-28 Days 29+ Days Activity miles Capacity
2017 Expedition 900 LE $325 6 – 9 PM 18+ $293 $260 $228 $195 100 mi/day 2 rider
2017 Expedition 900 Sport $315 6 – 9 PM 18+ $284 $252 $221 $189 100 mi/day 2 rider
2016 Expedition 600 Sport $295 6 – 9 PM 18+ $266 $236 $207 $177 100 mi/day 2 rider
2015 Summit 600 ETEC $295 6 – 9 PM 18+ $266 $236 $207 $177 100 mi/day 1 rider
2014 Bearcat 570 XT $275 6 – 9 PM 18+ $248 $236 $193 $163 100 mi/day 2 rider
 Polaris RMK 600 $255 6 – 9 PM 18+ $230 100 mi/day 1 rider
Snowmobile rental delivery may be available at $1.75/mi from Anchorage.  We roam with the snow to Eureka Lodge, Girdwood, Portage Cafe, South Anchorage and Eagle River Polaris. Deposit of 50% required at the time of booking, Cancellation policy is 50% rental price within 4 days and 100% day of rental.  Credit authorization for $1000 damage deposit required for snowmobile renatls.  Helmets are provided, please bring goggles and facemask.
Tow Sled Rental 24 hrs Pick up drop off Availability
Otter Pro Large tow sled $30 6 – 9 PM Round pintle tow hitch, runners, cover and tandem towing pintle. 10 sleds
Otter Pro Magnum tow sled $20 6 – 9 PM Round pintle tow hitch, runners, cover and tandem towing pintle. 5 sleds
Trailer Rental Capacity
 Snowmobile Trailer $30 Titan XT 12′ single axel snowmobile trailer with ramp. 2 machines
Enclosed Trailer call 4 machines
Double Car Hauler call 8 machines
Snowmobile Rental Delivery $1.75/mi 8 machines
907 783-3600 call or text  Winter Gear Rental
Outdoor Gear Rental 24 hrs multi-day
Helmets free
Parka $10 $7.50 Mens Columbia Womans Alaska Series
Bibs $10 $7.50 Mens Carhart Extreme Womans Alaska Series
Boots $10 $7.50 Sorel and Baffin
Snowshoes $16 $12.00 Atlas Mtn
Gear Sled $10 $7.50
Micro Spikes $10 $7.50 Kahtoola
Ice Fishing Gear
Backcountry Skis, Poles and Boots $24 $18.00 Karhu Skis, Rossignol Boots, BD poles

Snowmobile Safety

Review this snowmobile safety information before riding:

Required watching for all snowmachine / snowmobile rentals.  More safety videos:

Alaska Snowmobile Trail Maps and Info:

Avalanche Safety

Chugach National Forest Avalanche Information Center:

Hatcher Pass Avalanche Center:


Guided Rentals
Rent our machines for the day and we provide a guide to ride for 2-3 hours, depending on availability. Price is the same as our daily snowmobile rental rates plus a flat rate $30 fuel surcharge if we take care of the gas. One guide to one client trips add $200 when available.

Rentals are 24 hours with evening pick ups and drop off’s are from Anchorage or Girdwood.  Alaska statewide deliveries for $1.75/mile one way and $1.75/mile one way for pickup for 2-14 machines sometimes available.

Rental agreement, deposit and waiver are required for all snowmobile rentals. Details provided in reservation system.IMG_0635