Venture to Alaska’s gold rush rappelling next to waterfalls, scrambling up mossy slot canyons and canyoneering into Crow Creek Gold Mines hydraulic mining past.

Canyoneering is your action packed rappelling and climbing experience taking you over cliffs to hidden waterfalls through narrow slot canyons in lush Alaska rainforest.

Explore Girdwood’s Glacier Valley as you transport back in time from Hotel Alyeska to the Historic Crow Creek Gold Mine canyons mined by hydraulic ‘giants’. Small groups gear up with harnesses and helmets to take on the challenges below.

Dropping into the canyon control your 50 foot decent, rappelling another two times to a thundering 40 foot waterfall.  Climbing out the dry canyon brings you face to face with the next several challenges.

Sounds of trickling cascades surround the narrow canyons as crux climbs and ladders take you thru the deep walled canyon on forested paths in the beautiful natural settings.

Although no experience is required this canyon is suited to people that have a decent level of fitness and a sense of adventure!



Price July and August:     $150 adult     $140  youth age 8 to 12 

Price May, June and Sept:     $140 adult     $130 youth age 8 to 12 

Meeting Time:     9:30 am,  1:30 pm,  5:30 pm

Duration:     3+ hours  


Gold Rush Canyoneering

Guaranteed gold panning along the banks of Crow Creek with guided tour plus admission to Crow Creek Gold Mine combined with Canyoneering.

Price July and August:     $185 adult     $175  youth age 8 to 12 

Price May, June and Sept:     $175 adult     $165 youth age 8 to 12

Meeting Time:     12:30 pm

Duration:     4+ hours




Gold Rush Canyoneering w/BBQ

Gold panning down in Crow Creek with guaranteed success plus BBQ lunch of  grilled ribs, mac n cheese, cole slaw, drinks and cookies served up at historic and scenic Crow Creek Gold Mine which dates back to 1896.

Price:    $250 adult    $230  youth age 8 to 12

 Departs:     11:30 am

Duration:     5+ hours





Activity Distance:     1 – 2 miles

Summer Season:     May 15th 2017 – September 17th 2017

Meeting Locations:    

Hotel Alyeska front lobby, 1000 Arlberg Avenue, Girdwood, Alaska 99587

New Girdwood Park and Ride, Girdwood Place, Girdwood, Alaska 99587

Participants sign a Release of Liability and Indemnity Waiver  




Wiki:  Canyoneering and canyoning are often associated with technical descents — those that require abseils (rappels) and ropework, technical climbing or down-climbing…

Crow Creek’s ‘dry’ canyon was carved by ice ages then filled with gold that beckoned Alaska’s hydro-miners.  Explore the treasure left behind rappelling near thundering waterfalls while scrambling thru mossy canyons relatively dry in your long pants and boots with our technical gear and friendly guide.

Amazing scenery and tranquility surround the world’s most northern temperate rainforest on your canyoneering adventure.  Individual and group challenges highlight the intimate small group tours with private departures available. Cayoning upgrades include guaranteed gold panning at Crow Creek Gold Mine with a ribs and slaw BBQ creek side gold panning lunch option too.



Adventures start at tour time with advance reservations in the Hotel Alyeska front lobby in Girdwood.  Dress ready to scramble over rocks in long pants while getting familiar with local flora through trickling canyons.  Sturdy shoes are a must plus camera cases or tight fitting backpacks to store layers or windbreaker. Canyoning gear includes universal and size appropriate harnesses, ropes, belay devices, gloves and helmets plus of course your friendly guide.

Van transportation from Girdwood brings you to winding and dirt Crow Creek Road leading to the historic mining area of the Chugach National Forest.  Look for black bears and moose foraging in the underbrush on the way to Crow Creek Gold Mine.  The quaint and ‘patented’ Crow Creek Gold Mine is privately operated and still producing gold for over 100 years. Claim jumping takes on new meaning exploring Crow Creek federally protected ‘dry’ canyon mining claims listed in the National Historic Registry.



Rappelling 50’ into the lush canyon starts the challenge of descending three mixed terrain and vertical wall pitches.  Hiking forests littered with mining relics brings you to the ultimate canyon with unique sites, smells and sounds including Crow Creeks thundering waterfall in a Jurassic-like mist filled area.

Ascending the ‘dry’ canyon, sculpted by years of tumbling glacial water requires a few crux moves in the one mile long natural obstacle course.  Challenges require climbing rocky terrain, traversing mossy canyon caves, gripping ropes, scaling ladders and balancing around rocks and boulders in steep terrain.  Chugach Mountain views in spruce and hemlock rainforests along the Iditarod National Historic Trail cap off your epic journey.

Advanced reservations with complete questionnaire are important to providing you the best experience possible.  Departures are limited via Forest Service rules so plan early and gather information like height, weight, age and Indiana Jones adventure status. Snake charming experience is not required with this canyon providing exploration suitable for active couples, families, small groups and individuals ready for adventure!