Blue Ice Kayaking

Combine lake kayaking and jetboating in a glacier lovers dream. Explore the Twentymile River on a thrilling jetboat ride to a remote lake glistening with blue icebergs and surrounded by epic landscape. Wild and scenic waters flow from snowcapped and glaciated Chugach Mountains creating the lakes and river sections braided by summers thaw.

Turnagain Arm at the 20 Mile River Bridge is where your adventure begins.  Gear up for navigating the scenic Twentymile and Glacier Rivers in powerful and maneuverable six passenger jetboats. Skilled captains share their knowledge while you search for the eagles, beaver, moose, salmon and bears who share nature’s corridor.

Twentymile Valley is one of the most scenic jetboat trips in the world. Climbing upriver 15 miles into remote backcountry plus US Forest Service special use permits allows nearly exclusive access to the magical area. River conditions vary in summer with glacier melt making this tour typically available mid-July to mid-August depending on water conditions.

Glacier Lake is the ultimate destination with kayaking near the glaciers face or around the icebergs. Kayaking allows being one with the surroundings while taking in the sights and sounds as the ice cracks and melts.

Active walkers can go ashore on rocky moraine at the glaciers face. Dress in warm layers and bring cased cameras for photo opportunities. Our jetboats are equipped with convertible tops for rainy days with rain gear available. Jet spins add to the excitement for the return trip through boulder gardens, twists, turns and log strewn river sections.

Price: $259 adult  $199 children 8-12  ~  Roundtrip from Hotel Alyeska, Girdwood $279 adult  $219 child 

20 Mile River boat ramp  ~  9:30 AM, 1:30 PM  ~  5 hours



Reservations required with only a few departures per week.  Questions, easiest way is to text message us at 907 783-3600