Winter 2018 Snowmobile and Gear Rentals

ABA Snowmobile Rentals 2018 Winter is here and we are glad to announce our pricing and availability for snowmobile, gear and equipment rentals.  Notice Alaska Backcountry Access is one of the only snowmobile rental agencies in Alaska? Offering snowmobile tours and guided rentals keeps us in modern 4 stroke snowmachines that we rent out. Alaska is a wild and unforgiving place, snowmobile rentals are geared toward seasoned Alaskans, visiting relatives and friends, surveying crews, film projects, agencies, corporations and experienced riders.  Visiting Alaska? Riding in Alaska is different than anywhere else in the World.  Wilderness unfolds almost immediately with ice, snow.

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Dwight’s review of Alaska Backcountry Access on Yelp

We did the 20 mile jet boat trip last August and it was a WOW experience from start to finish.  It sounded pretty cool from the website.  But the experience was 100 times more spectacular.  We had an exciting ride, saw glaciers, saw huge icebergs and made some memories that will last forever. The boat took us up the white water rivers at over 25 MPH and when we skirted the rocks, it felt like a race car cornering around a race track.  Don’t get the idea that it was dangerous though.  Andy was a master at piloting the boat.

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Xola reservation system

We have been involved in the tourism industry in Alaska for about 15 years. I am the current president of the Girdwood Chamber of Commerce ( ), work closely with Visit Anchorage ( ) and attend many Alaska Travel Industry Association ( ) events like the annual conference. Last fall after asking for advice of how to continue to grow our diverse operation we decided to join America Outdoors ( ). Attending a national outdoor convention was great for us, Albuquerque a new exciting destination. Alaska has a statewide population of about 750,000 which is akin.

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Article in San Diego Union Tribune

  Authentic Alaska Getting out in countryside, rather than viewing vast land from a cruise ship, proves revealing, invigorating By Doug Hansen • Special to the U-T 4:47 P.M.FEB. 27, 2014The Alaska Railroad offers comfort and scenery during the trip from Anchorage to Denali Park. Doug Hansen If a moose charges you, run as fast as you can and zigzag. If a bear charges you, never run, just stand still. These warnings serve as your official Alaska greetings, and they make you realize that you’re not in Kansas anymore. Over the years, I have been tantalized by Alaska travel posters showing images.

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