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We have been involved in the tourism industry in Alaska for about 15 years. I am the current president of the Girdwood Chamber of Commerce ( VisitGirdwood.org ), work closely with Visit Anchorage ( Anchorage.net ) and attend many Alaska Travel Industry Association ( TravelAlaska.org ) events like the annual conference. Last fall after asking for advice of how to continue to grow our diverse operation we decided to join America Outdoors ( AmericaOutdoors.org ).

Attending a national outdoor convention was great for us, Albuquerque a new exciting destination. Alaska has a statewide population of about 750,000 which is akin to a neighborhood of many large cities “outside”. Thats all good but you begin to realize your resources are a bit limited under the midnight sun. Knowing we wanted to make our website and reservation system streamlined I had many reservation system options presented to me at the America Outdoors convention.

Where to start was a question I posed to my new friends from Kittatinny Canoes ( Kittatinny.com ). Simply they said the guys from Xola.com seem to have it going on. Walking by the booth a few times I had to agree and since they answered my every question, reassured me (I am skeptical about things like this ), were hip San Francisco dudes… they seemed a great fit. Voila, here we go entering the world of online reservations.

Even though we are a diverse operation, we are not a very big operation by national standards. Typically we are a staff of 4-5 and offer several departures daily to 2-10 guests per departure. You will find many operations (especially the good ones) in Alaska that are like this. Good for us and good for you to keep things personalized. When you call us understand though we may be hanging from a rope, rafting a river or driving some motorized thing. Our business line is an iphone which follows us everywhere while we take  good care of our guests, hopefully you!

We look forward to communicating with you and know it is important to the tour process. Consider sending us a text since we can often step behind a tree, grab a couple of minutes at the boat ramp or respond after hours when our significant others are not looking. Calling works too but  so you know we are not usually sitting in an office waiting for the phone to ring. You will likely catch us on the fly, which is fine we still appreciate an old fashioned conversation. Email is a great tool, however we often check them on the mobile and when we do get in front of a computer we work through them as quickly as we can which can take a day or occasionally two.

Enter the reservation system, feel free to not use it and contact us via one of these other ways. By all means if you have a special request, large group or if your peg does not fit the reservation system hole. Otherwise, the Xola system is one we trust and encourage you to take advantage of if you are so inclined. It handles payments and makes our world easier and yours more secure and hopefully easier too. We will have to approve your reservation request but will be doing those on a regular basis daily.

Over the years we have found that clients plan less in advance. It is OK, I do the same thing, however please understand we are a first come first serve operation. We can usually run 1 or 2 of our tours at any one time slot (morning, afternoon or evening). Soo, especially if your schedule is not very flexible, please consider booking in advance and using our awesome new Xola reservation system.

Check them out…  Delamon is my super rad contact:


With $1.8M From Angels, Xola Launches A Booking And Marketing Engine For Local Activity Providers



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